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bowie's quarters -- bowley's quarters don't want it built there. >> reporter: how this bridge helps alleviate traffic. it's tuesday thanks for joining us i am megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson. let's get to it because the big story as megan pointed out is sticky and muggy as you start your tuesday. is it going to get worse and how long will it hang around? >> it will get worse. we are talking about the rest of the country getting hit and it'sour turn. we get a little taste of it and not the full onslaught. this morning, 75 in towson. look at the view here and you see clouds there obscuring the sky. a sign that there are at least cloud out there and a slight chance we could still develop a shower this morning. most of the active has been outside of the region. 79 glen burnie. 75 bel air this morning. we have got mid to upper 70s eastern shore. and we have got mid to low 70s north and west where woodbine is 72 and 73 in westminster. further west you go, you find the rain. moderate to heavy rain west of
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hancock towards cumberland and garrett county slide together south side of pittsburgh. it looks like it is not producing much around here. but there's still a slight chance that something could flare up in the next hour or two. at least have to give that possibility and i want you to be surprised if something happens. most us will stay dry this morning. and we will go into the low 90s. 93 this afternoon. the two degree guarantee with more storms to erupt and a slight risk they are severe. more on traffic with tonya. >> reporter: good morning. if you are traveling 70 eastbound from columbia pike towards the beltway, no problemsreported. you should be okay on the trip. let's look at the jfx at northern parkway. no accidents to report -- incidents to report. heavier traffic southbound to the right of the screen. northbound lanes moving well. the earlier accident 97 southbound at dorsey is clear. also a baltimore national pike at johnnycake road, water main work in the left turn lane. megan. >> thanks. one minute after 6 right
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now. 76 degrees a cheating -- degrees. a -- cheating scannedda has been uncovered. linda so is here with what this means for the program. >> reporter: chief james clack shut down the program that trains the emts and says 20 student got their hands on a state exam before they took the test. the students were all in the same class. the exam was found last month at the training facility on northern parkway. it involves the practical segment of the exam. testing recruits on their ability to care for injured patients. how they got access to the exam and who gave it to them is being investigated. chief clack says all 20 students will be retested and anyone who has been involved with training and testing that class will be investigated. meanwhile, the training center will be closed until the investigation is complete. >> they sent me a letter about a month ago and said that they found a practical exam test document that's supposed to
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beconfidential. it's a state department, laying out in the training facility. >> reporter: the 20 recruits involved in the alleged cheating scandal isr in training and they are not acting as e-mts and will be retested with a different exam to make sure they meet state standards. in the studio, linda so, abc2 news. >> news time is 6:03. thanks. the trial of two men accused of making robo calls to discourage voteers from coming out on election day is set for september. two people pleaded not guilty of violating state election laws. calls went out to more than 110,000 people. they are believed to have been connected to robert ehrlich. a rash of car break-ins has more police on patrol in anne arundel county. six undercover cops for the county are patrolling the elizabeth landing community. crooks stole a gps, money and ipads out of unlocked cars and thieves have taken items from inside homes. the neighbors believe someone
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is going around checking locks overnight. it is 3 minutes after 6 right now. police are checking surveillance video at convenience stores in anne arundel county looking for suspects in several robberies. two 7-eleven stores were hit early sunday morning within 15 minutes and three miles apart. in both cases the suspect pulled out a gun and demanded money. hours later a. royal's farm was hit but police are not sure if it's connected to the other ones. police are using dogs to search all three businesses for more information. the murder trial of a 15- year-old baltimore girl is expected to start today. police say artesia holt shot jose gonzales kares after and another man after they laughed at her because she was so young. gonzales died a week later and holt was 14 at the time of the murder and her lawyer requested it be trilled in juvenile court -- tried in juvenile court but
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the judge denied that. today an event will mark the opening of the charry hill bring. -- cherry hill bridge. sherrie johnson will explain how it will alleviate traffic congestion and take care of a few headaches. >> reporter: it won't be long before the bridge is open to drivers who got -- and we have a couple workers getting ready for that opening which starts at len:30 this morning -- 11:30 this morning. it's been a long time coming. they have been work on the bridge for two years. but later -- working on the bridge for two years. but later this morning, there will be a brief ceremony to open it. it connects owings mills boulevard and reisterstown road. it's 513 feet long. this bridge connects two major arteries and it will help alleviate some traffic headaches. the two-lane bridge cost about $6 million and people are very excited that it is opening and they are going to be able to use it. right now, this morning, i've got godfrey joining me who lived in this area for 30 years. good morning. what do you think about this
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opening? >> it's great addition to the neighborhood. i really appreciate it because what it does is alive it's traffic going through the neighbor -- alleviates traffic going through neighborhood or coming from owings mills on the other side of owings mills boulvard, now you have a direct shot to come straight down cherry hill road to take you to 795. >> reporter: and i hear this has been a long time in the making. they have been working on this or talking about it for a while. >> they have. we have very inclimate weather when we have a lot rain. and it gives us the freedom that we don't have to worry about the old road that produce -- that used to flood out. now we can have the road that connect us between owings mills and reisterstown road. >> reporter: so a happy day. thanks so much for stopping and talking to us. you and madison walking your dog. thanks have a great morning. there you have it. talking to a long time resident that's been here. they are very exciteded and can't wait for it to open. that starts at 11:30 and it
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will be engineers out here, the public will be out here. so, they are very excited. reporting live in reisterstown, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> thanks a lot. neighbors in locust point will get a chance to ask questions about the ford avenue bring reconstruction project. the department of transportation is holding what they are dubbing an informational meeting. now among the issues to be addressed, the construction schedule recommended detour routes and access for emergency services. the meeting is set for 6:30 until 8:30 at baltimore metropolitan offices on mchenry road. a place that has lot of history. and many people are worried about the future in bowley's quarters. there's a proposal to build condominiums and many believe it will teak away from the beauty that is bowley's quarters. >> the area changes. you see the storms coming in. you see it covered with the snow and the open space. then in the summer, everything is green and the fall it's a festival of colors. >> on the other side, some say
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you can't stand in the way of progress especially in this part of baltimore county that was under water when hurricane isabel blew through. if you live in the eldersburg area your water service could be interrupted. the bureau of utilities will temporarily shut down watter to 45 homes installing two new water main valves on piney ridge road. service will be shut down from 8 in the morning until around 2:00 or until the repairs are complete. areas affected including the bolsom lane and part of poony ridge drive and if your water is cloudy purn the tab-- turn the tab on and run it for few minutes to clear it up. the weather is hot and humid. but at least we are not dealing with this. >> no. certainly not. another giant dust storm to show you this morning. no doubt you want to esee this from inside your -- see this from inside your home. >> getting to the hospital quickly is a matter of life and death when it comes to hart
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attacks. get this. -- heart attacks. get this. it could be the same for marital status that could play a role. who knew is this? super heros comes in all sighs sizes but don't -- sizes but don't mess with this crime fighter a brave hero that surprised a neighborhood. but first new york with the latest business news this morning. >> reporter: good morning. topping america's money, the price of gold at an all time high. it's above 1600 dollars an ounce as investors worry about the debt crisis here and in europe. analyst say the price will continue to go up. the final chapter for boarders is no story book ending. no one was interested in buying the second largest bookstore chain so they could begin closing stores as soon as fridaych the company has almost 11,000 employees. and gas prices are rising again. up 4 cents in the past week to a national average of 3.68 a gallon. analysts say that's a trend likely to continue until columbus day. but if it is consolation, gas
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prices will not rise that quickly. and if you are thinking of buying a small car soon, wait. both new and used prices are expected to come down this fall as drivers are again looking at bigger cars and dealer inventories are backed up. that's america's money. i am peggy bunker.
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it was a huge offensive night for the red sox and o's last night at camden yards. baston dustin pedroia doubled in two runs to spark an 8-run 8 inning lifting the bo sox to a 15-10 win over the o's. it was the first meeting between the teams since the red sox recorded a heated 4-game sweep at fenway park immediately before the all star
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break. an early morning storm left southeast louisiana and coastal mississippi flooded monday. as much as 7 inches of rain fell in few hours in new orleans. yesterday, swamping drainage systems and cutting power tothousands. she how commuters flooded the streets. some homes sustained damage. and for the second time in less than two weeks, the giant dust storm engulfing phoenix arizona. check this out one more time. the national weather service says the dust towered 3,000 feet high with gusts up to 40 miles an hour. that storm began to clear within an hour after arriving. justin. that's the second one in as many weeks. wow. >> some people may be feeling like their backyard could be kicking up a dust storm. we are hitting drought conditions and more heat we get, the more moisture gets sucked out of the soil. we need to have some relief. we may get isolated storms. but this morning, they are not in the immediate area. at least right now. 77 in baltimore.
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up towards new york, notice binghamton albany in the 60s. that's a sign of cooler weather. there's a weak frontal bondry that ignited -- boundary that i go night showers and storms. to the south identities warm and humid and we are tapping into the heat that has been gripping the nation. but a little impulse of energy in ohio working through southwestern pennsylvania and on into western maryland. we have had showers around the philidelphia area. but we seem to get caught inbetween. getting the outflowing clouds out of that system. overall, we will watch as this system tries to dive to the south and as that continues to do so, the trigger meshing meck him in and lifting mechanism that builds up the cloud and storms that will be nearby. so we will not escape the threat of storms and you can see they are dotting around the area. there's a chance something pops up this morning and all it takes is one push in the atmosphere to get that stuff rising and get the moisture rising building up the clouds and storms and i believe heading towards the afternoon,
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we will gather storms. the future radar the in-house model showing a flare-up of storms around baltimore and thechesapeake bay with more back towards the mountain. this is the general time frame but an idea that there will be some force work in atmosphere and flare up more stormstomorrow afternoon a as we build in the heat. once we get this out of here, and even though there may be overnight storms with another impulse on wednesday and thursday, we are looking at more heat and humidity. in fact, today, 9 3. our two degree guarantee and we will stay back into the mid-70s. an isolated storm about the mugginess. we will push mid-90s tomorrow. upper 90s to near 100. the best shot of hitting 100 is on friday. let's see what's happening on the roads now with tonya. >> reporter: traffic getting a little bit congested on the outer loop at frederick road. that may take a few more minutes. let's look out there and see how traffic is moving along. this is 95 north on 159. steady traffic -- 195.
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steady traffic on both directions. we have an accident in anne arundel county ritchie highway at pasadena road. it's ritchie highway northbound at pasadena and water main work ationy -- johnnycake work is in the left turn lane which is closed. when it comes to seeking care for a heart attack, we heard this before, speed is everything. and it seems your marital status can affect how quickly you make it to the emergency room. married men will make it to the hospital faster than married women. and single men as well. married men with 35% -- were 35% more likely than single men to show up within 6 hours of symptom. researchers say this could have something to do with the fact that women often take the caregiving role in the relationship and look after the husband's health. boy, stinks to be a woman then right? take your wife to the hospital. also an health news this
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morning, -- also in health news this morning, a poll says when you are considering your expanding waistline diabetes should be on the list. baby boomers are more obese than previous generation leading to poor health in their senior years. even though they say they work out four or five times a we are for a quarter of them. if you want to lower your blood pressure, look at your diet. slight changes can make a huge difference. a study claims replacing carbs with soy protein could decrease the blood pleasure level. now if you don't like soy, tom, you can try low fat dare. this can help reduce your risk of stroke. researchers say they are trying to find out if protein from lean meats and beans could also have a similar effect. there is no doubt that it's hot outside. so you know you're supposed to hydrate. but what you eat can also help
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you beat the heat. dietitians say when it's this hot out, eat more often but make sure to eat light. you need to replace the water you are losing when you are sweating. to replace it, stock up on fruits and veggies which are almost all water and they are quite nutritious. you can fill your cart with alternative sources of fat instead of processed or specially fried foods. >> they are so hard to digest with the extra fat in there. your best sours of fat in the heat are going to be fat from seasoned nuts and avocados. >> it's recommended that you steer clear of drinks that contain artifice colors and flavors. to avoid drinks that you need to avoid -- uh-oh, can't have so much caffeine. >> that will dehydrate you, too. when you drop your phone even from a short distance, oftentimes it never works again. we have seen that but look at this iphone. despite the shattered
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appearance, it fell 13,000 feet and it works. jared mckenny stuck it in his pants pocket when he went sky diving and forgot to zip up the pockets and when he jumped out of the plane the phone land on top of a building about half a mile from where he landed. he found the phone use the gps tracking app in the phone and the touch screen was shattered but he says he can make and receive calls. >> you keep that phone until it craps out. that's awesome. >> it's pretty amazing. it looks like it wouldn't be beyond use but it is. tough check out this cutie. a pintsized hero takes a bite out of crime. paco take on a couple armed robbers and it's caught on tape at a tobacco store in southern california. this guy didn't just nip at their ankles but ran the thieves right out of the store and then across the street. >> i put a cape on him. >> everybody knows who paco is.
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he is super friendly. >> i was shocked because normally he is laid back. he sits back taking it easy. >> well, you rob a store he is not going to sit back and take it easy. thieves got the money but little paco prevented things from being much worse. from a she roaric to a afraidy cat. >> one kitten saw something that he didn't recognize on a bed and went to go check it out. but he got nervous when he did check it out. >> cats scare me. >> i love the music. that's great. the kitten you never know if they are afraid or playing with them. but those are two green apples and he didn't like the way they looked. >> the only thing missing is a flashlight or laser. have you seen a cat go after the moving light? we need one of those and the cat would lose his mind. >> the apples are not moving.
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>> no>> any time there's cute video, we will show you. stay with us a. thief who -- with us. a thief who preyed on those who were praying. >> how authorities caught this man in the act stealing from people's bags. this horse was trapped in a basement but it's incredible he made it out okay. we will show you the rescue. time for your birthdays and dakota turned 17 yesterday. she lives in harford county seen with the younger cousins. happy birthday. >> also celebrating yesterday, lauren who turned 6-year-old. so happy birthday. we are trying to get the picture loaded. all right. we don't have it but i hope your birthday was wonderful. and the picture of the day george and kelly dixon celebrating the 7th anniversary. a wonderful life together celebrating on sunday. they have two sons and are very
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happy. watch ever -- they watch every morning. thanks for watching "good morning maryland. >> send the pictures to morning show at and we love hearing from you. we will be right back. ♪ [ male announcer ] it has an hd webcam for flattering video chats, awesome audio, and lids that switch to match your mood. but mostly it helps me keep an eye on my boyfriend. even though he doesn't know he's my boyfriend. yet.
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news around the nation and arounded world the british parliament will question rupert murdock his son and rebecca brooks. murdock will appear before the committee to answer questions over the phone hacking at news international. that's his british newspaper division. the phone hacking scandal prompted the closure of his news of the world. now news corps journalist are accused of hacking phones and may have paid british police for scoops. powerful monsoon rains turned deadly in india. look at this. the images can be upsetting. a family of five was enjoying an afternoon picnic on rocks and you can see them struggling. they held on for support for
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each other but the waters were too strong. all five were swept away over a water fall. only two survived. he was neck name the thief of the faithful wait fog people too today retire to prayer and steal from their bags. security cameras captured his act at the airport. the 34-year-old from kosovo and thanks to the video, he is now behind bars this morning. air traffic controllers are just part of the reason that you land safely when you are flying. yeah, but safety is the main concern when authorities discovered one air traffic controller, what this american was doing while on the job. maybe he was hungry or perhaps he wanted to visit the governor's mansion. why wildlife officials are seeing this more and more. >> reporter: it's a bridge that will alleviate traffic in one part of baltimore county. today, the cherry hill road bridge reopens.
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as we head -- we head to break a live picture of new york site. it looks quiet. you are watching "good morning maryland" first and only at 4:30 in the morning.
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